sub-station South Australia

Sub-Station Installation

Templers, South Australia

HA&A were tasked with installation of 275kV Reactor Bay. This entailed site preparation, pier footings and Reactor Transformer mass footing with bund wall were installed. Installation of precast concrete cable trench and conduit trenching. Re diversion of existing stormwater to create new High Level Bus support footings. Testing and removal of contaminated spoil as per EPA requirements. Non-conductive vehicle barriers were installed and screenings were reinstated.

  • Pier and pad footing installation
  • Contaminated spoil testing and removal
  • Vehicle barrier installation
  • Lay screenings to yard
  • Stormwater and conduit installation
  • Precast cable trench installation
Crafers Cribwall

Cribwall Installation

Crafers, South Australia

Due to the dilapidated nature of the previous crib wall, our scope required to remove parts of the existing spoon drain and wall. HA&A reinstated the spoon drain and excavated and installed the I-beams. The sleepers were installed and damaged parts of the road were repaired.

  • Removal of dilapidated crib wall
  • Installation of retaining wall along bike track
Gorge Road Retaining Wall South Australia

Three Retaining Walls Stage 1

Gorge Road, South Australia

Gorge Road had compromised sections of the road embankment as a direct result of extreme weather events. HA&A were required to prepare surface and install shotcrete. Construct gabions and backfill with the consideration of minimal impact to the environment.

  • Repair of water damaged bank
  • Placement of large rocks along creek
  • Installation of gabion wall
Gorge Road Retaining Wall

Three Retaining Walls Stage 2

Gorge Road, South Australia

Stage 2 of the Gorge Road bank repairs required mass excavations to parts of the embankment. A base footing with piers and upstand was then prepared and concreted. HA&A then supplied and installed concrete blocks and sub-surface drainage. The road surface was then asphalted and guard rails were installed.

  • Removal of damaged sections of the road and wall
  • Installation of mass footing
  • Installation of block wall
  • Reinstatement of bitumen road
  • Installation of guard rails
Hayward Interconnector South Australia

Hayward Interconnector

Black Range, South Australia

Installation of precast concrete pits and cable ducts. Installation of multiple electrical conduit throughout the entire yard. Installation of rollover curbing to entire access road.

  • Installation of pits and conduits
  • Curbing
  • Bitumen installation